Get ready to take control of your data.


Infinite 8 is a revolutionary data protection software technology, allowing to apply compression to already compressed data, and to embed access control features within the stored information itself, enabling users to dramatically reduce their storage needs and to securely share their data.


Our Products

Our technology comes in two different editions : Stand Alone and Connected. Connected Edition enables the users to take advantage of dApp for storing and protecting their data.

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What Is a dApp?

A dApp is a decentralized application, through which a community of participants collaborate and exchange services. Our dApp will change the way you manage your data.

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Technology Information

Get an in depth view of our technology and meaningful insight on its current and projected stages of development. Get information about our technology partnerships and discover use cases.

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Disruptive Technology

We are providing an innovative and efficient solution to the bottlenecks problems associated to data storage and sharing, and enhancing data security.


We aim at creating an ecosystem of Users, Partners and Community Members in order to revolution the data protection market.


Our Company

We are a brand new player in the storage industry, founded and managed by an experienced team of like-minded individuals